Diamond: Not Necessarily Colorless

It really is not our job here at the International Colored Gemstone Association to tell you
all about diamonds. However, diamond is the modern birthstone for April, so we would
like to take this opportunity to say a few words about fancy colored diamonds, which are
more to our taste than the colorless type: more rare, more valuable, and way more
colorful (although the colors can tend to be a little pale).

Fancy colored diamonds are not a mass-market product that are advertised everywhere
and sold by the numbers. They have more personality than that. Fancy colored
diamonds are almost as much fun as colored gemstones! Like colored gemstones, each
one is different. They come in fabulously expensive pale pinks and blues, pale to bright
yellows, oranges, greens, and all those brown colors that are now being called names
like cognac and champagne. So, buy a diamond instead of a colored gemstone if you
must, but at least consider a fancy colored diamond which will give your jewelry more
character, more individuality, more color!

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