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A gemstone is the naturally occurring crystalline form of a
mineral, which is desirable for its beauty, valuable in its
rarity and durable enough to be enjoyed for
generations.There are more than 30 popular gem
varieties and many more rare collector gemstones.
Although some gemstone varieties have been treasured
since before history began and others were only
discovered recently, they are all nature's gifts to us.

The following are just few samples of our Gem Jewelry,
very nice smooth polished large gemstones set in the
sterling silver. Very attractive and inexpensive. Please
feel free to ask for our full catalog and price list.
Choosing a Gem

FEBRUARY                AMETHYST
MARCH                       AQUAMARINE
APRIL                          DIAMOND
MAY                              EMERALD
JUNE                           ALEXANDRITE
JULY                            RUBY
AUGUST                     PERIDOT
OCTOBER                 TOURMALINE
NOVEMBER              CITRINE        TOPAZ